Strengthen collaboration in your organisation

Attend an immersive learning experience on collaboration. This learning experience is a space for collaboration where inspiration bubbles, and you can discuss and identify the elements of high performing teams and how to implement them for the greatest potential impact. Percussion & group drumming is used as a super effective tool and the methodology is experiential learning. You can watch the video below to learn the benefits of this training solution. You can also see photos from our outstanding learning sessions in Barcelona, Ankara and Berlin.


Exciting, unusual and innovative

Impactful immersive learning experiences of Solution Folder are based on percussion and allow you to:

Strengthen connection among employees: Your employees can have authentic connection to each other and this can help improve employee engagement.

Boost motivation of team members: Participants feel empowered and energised during this interactive session.

Have an unforgettable learning experience: Music activates all the major regions of the brain and aids learning through enhanced engagement.

Create high-performing teams: You experience and explore important elements of high performing teams in a wholly unique and creative way. You also create actions to increase success at work.

I spent thirty years studying cooperative games. Music is perhaps the best cooperative game you can get.
— Kaefan