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References & Testimonials

Here are just some of the organisations that M. Baha, founder of Solution Folder, has experience working in and with.

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Such an innovative session!
— Former Head of Executive Education, London School of Business and Finance
The two key points of the workshop together with the discussions are valuable to all of the participants of the workshop.

— Former Consultant at Bain & Company
Amazing way to strengthen collaboration.
— Head of Sales, Travel tech company
What I like the most about the workshop is that it is very interactive.
— Program Director at German Accelerator
You should definitely experience this workshop.
— Senior HR Manager, Transport company
It is wonderful that the workshop equips learners with a proven method to improve collaboration at work.
— Head of Academy, IT company
It is a great way to engage people in a completely non-boring way that is different and unique.
— Conference Organizer, 9th HR Minds Forum Barcelona
Thank you Solution Folder for delivering magic and for being part of #hire18! Your session was so well practiced and delivered that you are a big reason why organisations will look at inclusion and diversity from a more meaningful perspective.
— Head of Marketplace, HR Tech company from San Francisco
Super interactive workshop which incorporates key business concepts.
— Head of Operations, Travel tech company
Ideal workshop to achieve collaboration.
— Organisational Development Professional, Aviation company
It was a great learning experience!
— Sales Planning Coordinator, Travel tech company
It is a fun and experiential way to learn about the synergies possible through great teamwork.
— VP of Learning & Development, Professional Women’s Network
The workshop gave the team great ideas on how to work closer together. It was about listening to each other and improving as a team.
— Senior Sales Manager, Travel tech company
We all know that collaboration is important, but simply knowing it doesn’t make it happen. Solution Folder’s approach to experiential learning links key elements together in a way that can bypass all the usual ‘been there done that’ approaches to collaboration.
— Co-founder, European Center for Leadership Practice