Solution Folder imagines a world where organisations have a collaborative work culture. This is our vision


Values of Solution Folder:

Exceed customer expectations

Be passionate


Make an impact

Impactful Learning Solutions

We empower business professionals through workshops so that they can strengthen their leadership & teamwork capabilities and enhance collaboration in their companies. 

With our impactful collaborative leadership workshops, managers can manage their teams more effectively. Our unique immersive learning experiences on collaboration allow participants to experience collaboration at a deep level and create authentic connection among them. 

improve business success

With collaboration skills, you are more likely to solve constructively problems within your company and with customers/partners. This way, you contribute further to your companies' success.

StrenGthen Leadership development

 You can tackle issues from different & new angles, when you are capable of resolving conflicts in a collaborative way. Therefore, you can demonstrate more resonant leadership.

Enhance Employee engagement

Having strong teamwork skills allows you to create an inclusive culture, where employees feel heard. This can strengthen collaboration at work & improve employee engagement.