Become Agile Instead of “Doing Agile”

Many organisations start implementing Agile practices, while maintaining a bureaucratic mindset. That is why, many Agile transformations fail. According to the 13th Annual State of Agile report, the biggest barrier to adopting Agile is organisational culture. Without a collaborative work culture, we cannot adopt Agile. This learning solution is not about any Agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban. In this learning solution, you will:

  • understand the essence of Agile

  • experience collaboration in Agile in a very unique way through music/percussion

  • discover latest research and actionable ideas about Agile

  • learn MIT’s approach

  • create a plan including action items based on the MIT’s approach to make your organisation more collaborative and Agile.

Below you can see a sample syllabus of this learning solution.

Syllabus 2 for the webpage.png

Duration: Workshop - 1 full day, shorter session - 75 mins

Session languages: English, Turkish, Spanish & German

Target groups: Senior leadership, Agile Coaches, Managers/Directors

Great learning experience & excellent presentation.
— Former Vice President Project Management, Bank of America
This workshop can be beneficial to organisations that are planning or experiencing an agile transformation.
— Former Visiting Researcher, Computer Science, Oxford University
I found this session inspiring.
— Agile Coach, Denmark