Create highly collaborative teams through music

Percussion & group drumming is used as a super effective tool to create collaboration and talk about characteristics of high-performing teams. In this powerful workshop, participants come up with action items to improve collaboration at work. This is experiential learning. It is learning by doing!

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Exciting, unusual and innovative

Unique teamwork workshops of Solution Folder are based on percussion and allow you to:

Strengthen connection among employees: With the help of our workshops, your employees can have authentic connection to each other and this can help improve employee engagement.

Boost motivation of team members: Participants feel empowered and energised during this interactive rhythm-based workshop.

Have an unforgettable learning experience: Music activates all the major regions of the brain and aids learning through enhanced engagement.

Create high-performing teams: The workshops use group drumming and percussion to integrate concepts of high performing teams in a wholly unique and creative way.

I spent thirty years studying cooperative games. Music is perhaps the best cooperative game you can get.
— Kaefan